Connect seamlessly within your supply chain, no matter where your business takes you.


Our company

Ennepe Metallwarenhandel GmbH is a company established in 1998 in Gevelsberg, Germany. The essential business covers two main areas:

• Trade and distribution of metal parts

• Warehousing and logistic services

Thus shaping the central interface between production and distribution when managing your supply chain.

Our service

We are comfortable working in a number of sectors, e.g. automotive and energy industries and can offer you services like warehousing and packaging according to customer needs, distribution, sales, customs and after-sales support.

Your benefit: You can focus all your attention on your core business.

Our purpose

Industries and retailers are increasingly looking to outsource logistics services and competition is intensifying in many sectors. Customers are demanding an extensive product range that is always available, at the right price and can be delivered at short notice.

Providing you with these competitive advantages in entering the market, we offer you many years of experience, a modern infrastructure and qualified staff who will successfully fulfil your demands.